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White 319 yards, par 4; Yellow 313 yards, par 4; Red 284 yards, par 4

A pond on the left at 200 yard from the tee and a ditch at the 215 yard mark means you have to make a decision whether to go for it or not. Big hitters have no issues but can find danger if not straight. A wide fairway awaits a conservative drive leaving a shortish iron to a very receptive green.


White 173 yards, par 3; Yellow 134 yards, par 3; Red 123 yards, par3

The most difficult of the short holes at Phoenix from the white tees. Depending on the wind direction and pin placement you can hit almost any club into this green. Missing the green either side will cause you problems, dont go wide right or you may find the water. Much easier hole from the yellows and reds.


White 499 yards, par 5; Yellow 489 yards, par 5; Red 445 yards, par 5

A straight up the hill par 5. Reachable in 2 for the big hitters but a reasonably straightforward 3 shotter for lesser mortals. A third shot usually from an elevated position to a smallish green best accessed from the right half of the fairway.


White 490 yards, par 5, Yellow 483 yards, par 5; Red 412 yards, par 5

A downhill par 5 which again is reachable in 2 for better players. Get your drive away over the hill and you should score well on this hole. Green is best accessed from the right of the fairway as a front left bunker lies in wait.


White 390 yards, par 4; Yellow 381 yards, par 4; Red 337 yards, par 4

This is a real tester and has been a card wrecker over the years. Out of Bounds tight up the left make this a difficult driving hole. That said if you hit a good one avoiding Out of Bounds left and bunkers right you may have only a mid iron to the small green. 


White 164 yards, par 3; Yellow 147 yards, par 3; Red 159 yards, par 3

A nice short hole to a green that slopes away from you. Only a short iron to most players but you need to be accurate. Out of Bounds runs down the left hand side if you are too errant.


White 427 yards, par 4; Yellow 419 yards, par 4; Red 347 yards, par 4

A difficult long uphill par 4. Your second shot will be over the hill to a blind sideways right to left MacKenzie green. Miss the green pin high right and you may need "spanish hands" to get a score.


White 299 yards, par 4; Yellow 288 yards, par 4; Red 295 yards, par 4

A driveable risk reward par 4 with an intimidating tee shot. If you play to the fairway your second shot will be semi blind to a green that is a little below you. Out of Bounds awaits the overhit shot. Back of the green slopes away so don't get too heavy handed.


White 330 yards, par 4; Yellow 322 yards, par 4; Red 305 yards, par 4

A great finishing hole, driveable under the right conditions but again very much risk and reward. Many good players have come unstuck here in the past. Out of Bounds over the road to the right can also put off golfers. A tight small green asks for accuracy with your approach shot. You will be disappointed with anything more than a par at this final hole.

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